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Top 6+ Best Large Gun Safes | Best Big Gun Safe

Best Large Gun Safes - Best Big Gun Safe

Are you on the search for the best big gun safe? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Searching for the best large gun safe can be a challenging task since there are dozens of large gun safes in the market today. In our buying guide today, we are going to look at some of the best large gun safes available on the market.

The best large gun safe will not only provide secure storage for your firearms and valuables, but it will also keep them safe from elements and thieves.

A large gun safe will also provide ample space for the firearms and valuables that you’ll acquire in the future.

Top 6+ Best Large Gun Safes

In this day and time, the gun collection has become more of a lifestyle to modern gun owners. The majority of gun owners are now focusing on large gun safes that can easily accommodate a large rifle collection. Without wasting any more time, let’s now look at the best large gun safes.


Heritage Security Products

The Heritage Security Products gun safes are big, tough, and durable. This heavy-weight gun safe is equipped with an array of high-end features suitable for every modern firearm owner.

For starters, this gun safe is fireproof. It has a fire-resistance rating of 75 minutes at 1400°F.

Given that most residential house fires burn at 1500°F, this gun safe can survive almost anything and keep your firearm arsenal safe.

All Heritage Security Products gun safes are also waterproof. They are waterproof for 72 hours in 2 feet standing water.

In an event of flooding, this gun safe will keep your guns and valuables safe from water damage.

Both the body and the door are built from solid-12-gauge steel. This heavy-duty construction is virtually unbreakable.

You also get extra protection with the recessed doors and better pry resistance with the tapered bolts.

When it comes to storage capacity, there are two sizes available, 24 or 64-gun size. Both sizes are reasonably affordable and highly reliable.

Users can access this safe through an electronic lock that’s equipped with Alarm-U function. The electronic lock is also backlit to provide easy access at night.

In an event where the electronic lock fails, there is a provision for a backup key.


  • 75 minutes’ fire rating at 1400°F
  • 72 hours’ waterproof rating in 2 feet of standing water
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel housing
  • LED light bar
  • Two sizes options available. 24 or 64 guns’ size
  • Electronic lock with Alarm-U function
  • Heavy-duty bolt-down kit
  • Factory installed outlet with USB ports

BARSKA New Fireproof Fire Vault



If you own multiple firearms, you are probably looking for a large gun safe that can house them all. The BARSKA New Fireproof Fire Vault is a well-made gun safe that can fit up to 45 different firearms, a variety of extra ammo and other valuables.

Built from solid steel, this gun safe is extremely sturdy and secure. It is fitted with 6 solid-steel locking bolts for optimum security. Plus it’s incredibly heavy. At 667lbs, it’s hard for any thief to steal and carry it away.

Another good thing about this large gun case is the fact that it’s fireproof. It has a fireproof rating u to 1 hour at 1200°F. Well, this isn’t so high, but it can still survive an average residential home fire.

The electronic keypad gives you instant access to your firearms. The keypad operates on one 9V battery (included). You are also provided with a set of emergency keys in case the battery runs out of power.

Overall, this heavy-duty large gun safe will keep your firearm collections safe for decades. Plus, it’s approved by the CA Department of Justice, so you are assured that you are getting a quality product.


  • 60 minutes fire rating at 1200°F
  • Fits up to 45 rifles
  • Approved by CA Department of Justice
  • All-steel construction
  • 6 locking bolts for optimum security
  • Removable shelve
  • Lined interior for added protection

Steelwater NEW and Improved E.M.P Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe

NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blkThis heavy-duty long gun safe is designed to keep your firearm arsenal safe and secure. It has a large storage capacity that fits 24-30 long guns, ammunitions and other important valuables.

Featuring a solid 12-gauge steel housing, this safe is durable and sturdy enough to deter unauthorized access. With up to 20 locking bolts, the safe guarantees pry resistance at every end.

This gun safe is also fire proof. It has a 60 minutes’ fire protection rating up to 1875°F. This is more than the average 1500°F given for residential home fires.

If you prefer to have your gun safe bolted, bolting down this gun safe is a walk in the park. It comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy bolting. All you’ll be required to do is put it in the right position and then bolt it down.

Another impressive feature about this gun safe is the interior LED light. This light is automatic.

It turns on once the door is opened and shuts down when the door is closed. Its main purpose is to give you easy access to your firearms even in low light conditions.

Users get to access this heavy-duty safe through the digital keypad or bitted bypass keys. In an event of an emergency, the new X3 biometric keypad provides quick and easy access.

Overall, this is a heavy-duty gun safe that every gun owner can rely on.


  • Exceeds CA DOJ regulatory standards for residential security gun safes
  • Fire resistant for 60 minutes in fires up to 1875°F
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction
  • Automatic interior LED light
  • Biometric, numeric and bypass entry
  • Fits 24-30 long guns
  • Heat activated door seal

Buffalo Tools Gun Safe 32+6 W/Door Storage

If you have a wide selection of long guns, you can hardly go wrong with the Buffalo Tools Gun safe. This gun safe offers unparalleled gun safety and security.

It has plenty of space to house up to 32 rifles and keeps them neatly organized. It also has 11 custom door pockets for storing pistols, gun accessories, and other valuable items.

When it comes to construction, this gun safe doesn’t disappoint. Both body and door are made from heavy-duty14-gauge steel. This heavy-duty construction and tamper-resistant construction makes it virtually unbreakable and difficult to break in.

Another big advantage is the high fireproof rating. This gun safe is designed to be fire proof for over 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1200°F. Such a fire rating is adequate to keep your firearm and valuables safe in the event of a fire.

With the good fireproof rating plus the heavy-duty steel construction, this is a good gun safe worth the investment.


  • 30 minutes fireproof rating at 1200°F
  • Sturdy 14 gauge steel construction
  • Fits up to 32 rifles
  • Felted interior surface for added protection
  • Durable PVC door organizer with 11 pockets
  • 11 custom door pockets
  • Pry resistant notched bolts
  • Pre-drilled starter hole for humidifier or light power cable

Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault Gun Safe

If you are on a budget, the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault Gun Safe is your ideal option. Although this gun safe is affordable, it doesn’t compromise on its quality. It is durable and highly secure.

What makes this gun safe stand out is the advanced locking system. It is RIFD-enabled to provide instant touch-free access.

The RIFD technology unlocks the safe faster than a keypad or biometric scanner. You also get two additional entry methods. A convenient and safe digital keypad and backup mechanical keys.

Built with solid steel, this gun safe is durable and tamper-proof. The heavy-duty housing and five hardened locking lugs assure you of maximum anti-theft protection. Pre-drilled mounting holes are also included to secure the safe on the floor.

Another added advantage of this gun safe is the storage flexibility. It has metal interior peg walls that enable you to mount your gun racks in different configurations. You can also store a number of pistols and handguns on the inside of the door.


  • Easy to install
  • Storage flexibility
  • Heavy-duty tamper-proof construction
  • Convenient keypad access
  • RIFD-enabled instant access
  • Budget-friendly
  • Approved by CA Department of Justice
  • Runs on AC and battery

Stealth 23 Gun Safe

The Stealth 23 Gun Safe is another high-quality large gun safe that offers advanced security features. It offers a wide range of useful features to keep your firearms safe from elements and unauthorized people.

This is an all-steel gun safe. Both the body and door and built from solid 14-guage steel. You are therefore guaranteed of maximum anti-theft protection. This gun safe also features 8 solid steel locking bolts for added security.

All Stealth 23 Gun Safe are also fireproof. They offer a 30-minute fire rating at 1200°F. Such a fire rating is adequate to keep your firearm and valuables safe in the event of fire. Plus, the door expands and seals the safe to prevent smoke entry.

When it comes to storage flexibility, this gun safe features a Molle door panel organizer with accessories such as a dual gun rack and numerous adjustable shelves. You therefore get to easily customize your space to suit your needs.

This gun safe offers a lifetime warranty against break-in, attempted break-in and house fire. You also get a 2-year parts and labor warranty.


  • Advanced security features
  • Flexible storage
  • Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction
  • 30 minutes fireproof rating at 1200°F
  • Approved by CA Department of Justice
  • Lifetime warranty against break-ins and fire damage
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Long Gun Safe

Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof SafeIf you own numerous long guns, you should try out the Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof long gun safe.

This gun safe is designed to provide rugged security to your firearms and other valuables while offering intuitive and user-friendly features.

This gun safe is very spacious. It has ample storage to house a whole 64 guns. You can also use it to store various rifles, shotguns and pistols as well as other valuable items.

It is also fireproof and waterproof. Its fireproof rating is 1400°F for half an hour while the waterproof rating is 72 hours in 2 feet of water.

This gun safe is ruggedly secure. It features heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction for optimum anti-theft protection. The safe also has a recessed door that’s fully pry resistant and 7 1.5” live action bolts for top notch security.

To access the safe, you can either use the electronic lock or manual keys. The electronic lock provides quick access, while the keys are used during emergency backup.

For your own convenience, this gun safe is very easy to install. It also has a very small footprint, so you don’t have to worry about it occupying too much space.

You’ll also find that the external door hinge provides 180 degrees door opening for easy access to your firearms.


  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel housing
  • Waterproof for 72 hours
  • Fireproof for 30 minutes in fires up to 1400°F
  • Plush tan interior
  • Large storage capacity
  • External door hinges that open 180° degrees
  • Electronic lock with backup key
  • Heavy-duty bolt down kit

Criteria for Choosing the Best Large Gun Safe


A gun safe capacity is rated by the number of gun slots it has. Scoped rifles and long guns will occupy more space than un-scoped rifles, shotguns and short rifles.

So figure out what types of guns you have before you consider buying a large gun safe.

If you are a firearm owner who has many shotguns, you can expect the safe to hold about 2/3 of the advertised capacity.

Flexible Storage

Look for a gun safe that offers adjustable shelves and an interior.

This way, you’ll be able to customize the space easily depending on the number of firearms and valuables that you have.

Some manufactures offer inside of the door storage for the firearms that you use frequently.


As you try to keep your firearms safe from thieving, also make sure that the safe can keep your firearms safe from fire damage.

Make sure that the safe has a fire rating of at least 30 minutes. This will give you enough time to try and rescue it in an event of fire.

Locking Mechanism

Try to look for a safe that offers an electronic locking system. Electronic locks are reliable, offer quick access and are less expensive to repair or replace when they get damaged.

The safe should also have a provision of backup keys in case the electronic lock fails.


Are large gun safes secure?

Absolutely. The best large gun safes are virtually unbreakable.

On top of being heavy weight, these safes have special features that help prevent theft and break-ins.

Do I need a fireproof gun safe?

Yes. Home fires happen when we least expect. If your gun safe isn’t fireproof, your whole gun collection will be ruined.

Having a fireproof gun safe is therefore important in protecting your guns from fire damage.

What size gun safe should I go for?

Every gun owner’s collection is bound to expand in the future. It’s recommended that you get a 2x larger safe that what you think you need at the moment.

With such a safe you’ll be able to add a couple of firearms and have extra space to keep your valuables.


Hopefully, the information above has given you some insight into the best large gun safes. Remember that it’s your responsibility as a firearm owner to keep your firearms safe and secure.

If you have numerous firearms, you’ll need a large gun safe to house your arsenal. All of the gun safes above are ruggedly secure and great for housing multiple guns.