Vortex Kaibab HD 18×56 Review (Best Vortex Binoculars Review)

Vortex Kaibab 18x56 Review

If you are looking for a high powered long distance viewing binoculars the Vortex Kaibab 18×56 is your best choice. In this Vortex Kaibab HD 18×56 Review we cover all the features, pros, cons of this binoculars.

It is designed to offer you relentless performance by providing clear images when you are observing wildlife or hunting.

These binoculars are packed with many premium-level performance features. It includes a very high 18x power and much larger than normal 56mm objective lenses to provide you with the best vision.

Why is Vortex Kaibab 18×56 Popular?

Here are some of the most outstanding features of Vortex Kaibab 18×56:

  • 18x Magnification
  • 56 mm Lenses
  • Diopter that adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes

Let’s look at the specifications, best use cases, features, pros, and cons of the Vortex Kaibab 18×56.

Vortex Kaibab HD 18×56 Review

Scopes Specifications

Vortex Kaibab HD 18x56 Review
Magnification: 18x

Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm

Eye Relief: 16.4 mm

Exit Pupil: 3.1 mm

Linear Field of View: 194 feet/1000 yards

Angular Field of View: 3.7 degrees

Close Focus: 19.8 feet

Interpupillary Distance: 60-76 mm

Height: 7.7 inches

Width: 5.7 inches

Weight: 43.5 oz


Most Outstanding Feature of Vortex Kaibab 18×56

The exceptional feature of the Vortex Kaibab 18×56 is the Apochromatic lens (APO) system that corrects color across the entire visual spectrum.

It also includes premium extra-low dispersion glass that provides you with the ultimate resolution and color fidelity. This results in high definition images.

The 56 mm lenses maximize low light performance, allowing you to use these binoculars in any lighting situation.

Best Use Cases

The Vortex Kaibab 18×56 is specifically designed for wildlife observation or long range hunting. However, you can use it to spot planes, observing boats leaving the harbor, or even for security needs like border patrol.

Vortex Kaibab 18×56 Review (Detailed Review)

The Vortex Kaibab 18×56 includes 56mm objective lenses and uses very high-quality optics and coatings to provide you with relentless performance in any lighting situation.

It includes the best dielectric mirror coatings on the prisms, which can reflect more than 99% of the light across the entire spectrum. This is better than silver coatings used on low quality binoculars.

The ArmorTek coating on the exterior lens surfaces protects the glass from scratches, oil, and fingerprints. This ensures that you use less force when cleaning them and you do not have to clean them frequently.


  • It has multi-position twist-up and down eyecups, which combined with 16.4 mm of eye-relief is perfectly adequate even when you wear glasses
  • It includes a rubber armor on the exterior to provide you with a secure, non-slip grip, and durable external protection.
  • It is compatible with a tripod adapter, allowing you to mount I ton a car or window
  • It includes a fully multi-coated optical pathway allowing you to use it in any lighting situation
  • It includes premium extra Low dispersion glass that can reduce color fringing around the edges of objects for higher definition images.


  • It includes a reduced field of view and increased image shake

Let’s look at some of the features offered by this scope.


  • It includes an APO system that corrects color across the entire visual spectrum
  • It includes an anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces to provide maximum light transmission in any lighting situation
  • It includes a coating on the roof prism that enhances resolution and contrast
  • It includes a roof prism that is valued for greater durability and is compact
  • It includes O-ring seals that prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating inside
  • It includes argon gas purging that prevents internal fogging over a wide range of temperatures
  • It includes an ArmorTek coating that is ultra hard and protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.
  • It includes a rubber armor that provides a secure, non-slip grip and protects the external parts
  • It includes adjustable eyecups that provide you with comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses
  • It includes a center focus wheel to adjust the focus of both binocular barrels at the same time.



Our Verdict

The Vortex Kaibab 18×56 is a great choice as it includes an excellent VIP warranty that allows you to replace or repair it at no extra charge.

It is relatively cheaper but offers premium features that will enhance your picture quality.