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leupold vx freedom review

In this Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 review we outline the specifications, best feature, use cases, pros and cons of this scope. Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 comes with a Duplex reticle and delivers the high-quality standards of all Leupold optics.

It is a fairly priced scope yet highly reliable for hunters and for other shooting needs. The Leupold VX freedom series is highly rated for the reliability and excellent performance of all the Leupold scopes in this line.

Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 Review (Overview, Specifications, Best Feature, Uses, & Similar Scopes)

If I was looking for the best budget Leupold scope for hunting, I would consider Leupold VX freedom scopes as my number #1 choice, for several reasons you will find in this Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 review.

It helps to start by outlining the good features that make Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 stand out as the best budget scope for beginners as well as seasoned hunters. Let us look at the specification of Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 in a quick summary to understand what it has to offer:

Scopes Specifications

Leupold VX Freedom 3 9x40 Review
Magnification: 3x-9x

Power Variability:  Variable
Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Tube Diameter: 1 in
Field of View: 33.7’/13.6’/100 Yards
Eye Relief/Exit Pupil: 4.17”/3.66” / 9x: 4.7mm

Adjustment( Click Value) : 1/4 MOA
Reticle: Duplex
Optics Coatings: scratch resistance optics
Finish: Matte black
Waterproof/Shockproof: Yes/Yes
Parallax Setting: None
Illuminated Reticle: No

Weight: 12.2 ounces

Reasons to Buy Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 Scope

Obviously, Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is a great scope for having in your collection as a hunter but more specifically, the following are the reasons that make it an ideal budget scope for hunting and should inform your decision when considering this scope:

  1. Duplex Reticle and excellent optics – Twilight Light Management System.
  2. Excellent eye relief of 4.17”/3.66”
  3. Leupold’s full lifetime warranty is a good quality guarantee.
  4. It is affordable and easy to use for beginners.
  5. Easy-to-read, high contrast adjustment markings
  6. Extreme recoil tested
  7. Lightweight and compact
  8. 100% Waterproof and fog proof
  9. Scratch-resistant lenses

Reasons Not to Buy Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 Scope

Although Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is a good budget scope for hunting, there are several reasons why you not buy this scope. The following are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider buying another similar scope to Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40:

  1. It does not have a MOA reticle
  2. Nothing special in the design of the turret system
  3. Mounting on some rifles is challenge
  4. You can afford a higher budget scope

Best Feature

The best feature of Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is its Duplex reticle along with the 3:1 Zoom ratio and its ability to deliver a rugged performance and usability in all shooting conditions.  If you are looking for a budget 3 9×40 hunting scope, Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 should be on top of your list of the scopes you should consider buying.

Duplex Reticle 

leupold freedom 3 9x40 review

Duplex reticle is very common in hunting scopes and it can vary from one scope manufacturer to another. The most common Duplex reticles are as follows:

  • Leupold Duplex
  • Simmons Truplex
  • Nikon Nikoplex
  • Weavers Dual X

These reticles are largely similar and you can understand how a Duplex reticle works using the video below:

Best Use Case

This is a relatively versatile scope that is ideal for all hunting needs. If you want to use it for varmint hunting or big game hunting it is a good choice for a budget scope. If you are looking for a high-quality budget scope that has a Duplex reticle with a 40mm objective lens and 3-9x magnification, Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is a good choice to get you started.

You may also want to consider other brands with similar qualities as shared on the similar scopes list in the next section below.

Leupold VX Freedom 3 9x40 Review

Best 3-9×40 Scopes (Similar Scopes to Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40)

These scopes share similar features with Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 and can be compared and used as alternatives. Although different brands have unique qualities, you can opt to buy one over the other based on your experience with a specific brand or your unique needs.

Basically, these scopes will perform in the same way especially the magnification capability but with some exceptions to specific brands features:

  1. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm BDC Rifle Scope
  2. Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope 3-9x40mm
  3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×40 Second Focal Plane
  4. Simmons Truplex Rifle Scope 3-9×40

Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 Review (In-Depth Review)

Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is an excellent budget hunting scope that comes with Duplex reticle and scratch resistant optics that make it an ideal rugged scope for all hunting sports.

Its designed with the needs of the hunter in mind since it has been fully tested to deliver shockproof performance and excellent performance in humid environment.

The proprietary Leupold Twilight Light Management System has been used in making Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 optics world-class.  The technology works to eliminate the glare and improve the image quality.

There are several scopes in the market with similar magnification and objective lens diameter as shared in the section above but Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 has an edge over these other scopes particularly the optics quality.


Let us look at all the features of Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 to understand why you should consider it as your hunting scope of choice.

  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 comes with Duplex reticle and also offers a number of variations – Duplex CDS (174182), Hunt-Plex (181307), and Tri-MOA CDS (180603) this gives the user a variety. 
  • It has a sleek matte finish that is designed to make the scope last for a lifetime of use along with the highly tested 100% Waterproof, fog proof,leupold freedom 3 9x40 review & shockproof performance.
  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum that makes it lightweight and equally rugged since it punisher tested to a lifetime of performance under continued use toughest recoil force.
  • It has been designed with the Twilight Light Management System that simply increases with 10 extra minutes of shooting light, it also eliminates the glare to produce a high-quality clear image.
  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 adjustment is based on precision 1/4 MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation. This design helps to automate the repeatability and dependability with continuous use of the scope.
  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 has quality-rated Scratch-Resistant Lenses technology that has been used on the lenses to ensure their surfaces are 100% scratch resistant with a high standard measure of military standard extreme abrasion specification.
  • It has a 3: 1 Zoom Ratio that makes the zooming on this scope very easy and improves the shooting accuracy by a great deal.
  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is a scope designed to fit a wide range of hunting needs and its versatility makes it a great scope for a seasoned hunter.
  • If you are a serious proponent of buying scopes made in the US, Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is assembled in the USA.


  • Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is a great budget scope for hunters and delivers a great value for money.
  • High-quality optics with great clarity for a budget scope.
  • Leupold quality and warranty is a good guarantee of high-quality standard and customer care.
  • Excellent light-gathering feature – Twilight Light Management System in comparison with scopes of the same price range, Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 does better.
  • Highly versatile, can be used on multiple rifles, and also fits a wide range of hunting needs.
  • Great scope for beginners that does not disappoint – a good gift for a young hunter.


  • As an experienced shooter, you will quickly notice that the adjustment knob system is poorly designed.



Our Verdict

Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 is the best rugged, lightweight budget 3-9×40 duplex reticle scope for hunters. Generally, the Leupold VX freedom scope offers a highly reliable line of scopes that deliver great performance.

Their unmatched quality and excellent features backed by a lifelong warranty make them a great option for every hunter or shooter looking for reliable scope.

In particular, the Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 scope comes in a price range that gives the buyer the best value for money.  To sum up this Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 review, I would like to recommend this scope for every hunter looking for a budget scope that will not disappoint.

Video Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 Review

The following is a video of the Leupold VX freedom 3 9×40 review that I have watched and would like to share with you to help you make an informed choice if you decide to go ahead and buy this Leupold scope.