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Top 7 Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars » [ Long Gun & FireProof ]

best gun safe under 500 dollars

Searching for the best gun safe under 500 dollars can be challenging since there are dozens of gun safes under $500 in the market today. In the previous post, we looked at the best long range scope under 500 dollars which is another great buying guide for shooters looking for mid-range budget riflescopes.

Whether you are looking for best long gun safe under 500, best value gun safe under $500 or best fireproof gun safe under 500, this post will guide you on picking the best gun safe under 500 dollars without wasting your valuable time on research.

Best Gun Safe Under $500

If you are on the market for a well-made gun safe under $500, you have come to the right place. In this buying guide, we are going to take you through some of the best gun safes under this price range.

Sometimes, our budget is limited. However, that doesn’t stop us from getting good value products.

Given the wide variety of gun safes available in the market, you don’t have to break the bank to get a good quality gun safe.

If you are uncertain about which product to get, let’s take a look at some gun safes that qualify for the best gun safes under $500.


Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe – Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars

best gun safe under $500

The Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe tops this list as the best guns safe under $500. If you a looking for a medium-sized gun safe, this is your ideal choice.  This safe is our first pick for the best gun safe under 500 dollars.

One of the best features of this gun safe is that it’s fire-resistant. It has been thoroughly tested to provide you with 20 minutes of fire resistance at 1200ºF.

It runs on a highly effective electronic keypad lock. This keypad combination will provide you with quick and easy access in case of an emergency. In an event where the electronic keypad fails, this gun safe has a provision of a backup key.

Made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, this gun safe provides you with unparalleled security. Moreover, it has a drill-proof construction and 5, 0.75 large bolts for better anti-theft security.

You’ll also be impressed by the layout of this gun safe. Along with being spacious, it has an adjustable shelf that optimizes storage space and keeps your valuables neatly organized.

To top it all, this gun safe is backed by Amazon Basics Limited 1 year warranty.


  • Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction
  • Electronic keypad for quick and easy access
  • Backed by an Amazon Basics Limited 1 year warranty
  • Fire resistant
  • Adjustable shelf maximizes storage space
  • Back-up key included for emergency access
  • Superior anti-theft security

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe – Best Gun Safe Under $500

The BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is the perfect gun safe for your everyday gun safe needs. You can use it to store your handgun, important documents, jewelry and any other valuable item. This is our second recommendation for best gun safe under 500 dollars.

Made from robust solid steel, this gun safe will endure daily use and ensure many years of use.

You’ll certainly appreciate the protective inner edges that deter theft, plus a dual deadbolt locking system that’s both childproof and tamper-proof.

To access this safe, you can either use the fingerprint scanner or the manual key. The fingerprint scanner can save up to 120 unique fingerprints.

This makes the safe suitable for use in offices. This biometric scanner runs on 4 AA batteries with a lifespan of 1 year. In situations where the batteries fail, you can still access the safe through the backup keys included.

More importantly, with the large interior space plus 2 removable shelves, you get enough space to store all your valuables in an organized manner and still find more room to spare. All the necessary mounting hardware is also included for easy mounting.


  • Protective floor mat
  • Mounting hardware for easy installation
  • 2-seconds access biometric safe
  • Compact storage
  • Robust steel construction
  • Safety storage for both home and office use
  • Saves up 120 unique fingerprints
  • Deadbolt dual locking system for top-notch security
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Backup keys included

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

The VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe is a budget-friendly gun safe perfect for on-the-go security. This is our third recommendation for the best gun safe under 500 dollars.

This gun safe is compact and very lightweight. It is also TSA-approved for airline travel. You can therefore use it to pass through different security checkpoints.

Both the body and the door are made of 16-gauge steel. This assures you of long-lasting durability as well as superior firearm protection. For extra anti-theft security, this gun case features anti-pry bars and two-point anti-impact latches.

To access the inside of your safe, you can use the high-resolution fingerprint scanner or the manual keys. However, the scanner is highly recommended as it provides quick and easy access. It can also store up to 20 different fingerprints so different users can have access to the safe.

Another impressive feature about this gun safe is the built-in adjustable interior LED light. You can use this light to reach your valuables under low light conditions.

You can also connect the safe to your smartphone via the Vaultek App. If your phone supports the connectivity, you’ll have an easy time opening and locking the safe from the comfort of your phone.


  • Quick access biometric scanner
  • Solid 16-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Adjustable interior LED light
  • Integrated smart technology
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Compact, lightweight, and great for travel
  • Anti-pry reinforcement bars

BARSKA Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe – Best Long Gun Safe Under 500

Next up in this buying guide is the BARSKA Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifle Safe. This is the best gun safe under $500 for gun owners with multiple firearms.

This is our fourth recommendation for the best gun safe under 500 dollars and also our pick for best rifle gun safe under 500 or best long gun safe under 500.

It uses a biometric scanner to provide a high level of security to your firearms. The biometric module is highly consistent, reliable and can store up to 120 unique fingerprints.

For optimal security, this gun safe is solidly made with heavy-duty steel. Besides, it comes with tamper-resistant inner edges and 5 in-built steel deadbolts for extra anti-theft protection. The safe also features 6 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. Mounting your safe on the floor or wall also increases its security.

Another impressive feature of this gun safe is the 12 adjustable shelves. With all these shelves, you not only get more space for more items, but you also get to store your items neatly organized.


  • Better firearm protection
  • Anti-pry concealed door hinges
  • Solid steel construction
  • Protective floor mat
  • Internal removable shelf
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Approved by the department of justice
  • Concrete mounting hardware included
  • An advanced biometric module that holds up to 120 unique fingerprints
  • Back-up keys included

Viking Security VS-50BLX Biometric Safe

If you are looking for a lightweight yet highly protective gun safe, the Viking Security VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe is your best option. This is our fifth recommendation for best gun safe under 500 dollars that is biometric. You can also consider these other best biometric gun safes.

This gun safe has two locking mechanisms; a fingerprint sensor and a keypad locking system. For rapid access to your firearm in an emergency situation, this biometric safe features an upgraded 500 DPI sensor.

This gun safe is made to last. It comes with solid steel construction to endure many years of use and ensure great firearm protection. For optimum security, this safe features 2 pry-resistant insertion slots and 20mm solid steel locking bars.

Another impressive feature of this gun safe is the built-in LED light. This display is very helpful when you have to access the safe under low light conditions.

With this gun safe, you can bid goodbye to disorderly gun placement. This unit has 3 adjustable shelves that help you maximize space while ensuring neat organization of your firearm and valuables.


  • All-carpeted interior
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Built-in LED display
  • Fingerprint or PIN Code access.
  • 3 fully adjustable shelves
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pry-resistant design
  • Solid steel construction
  • Four prong backup cross key

SnapSafe 75401 Under Bed Safe – Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars Under Bed Safe

SnapSafe 75401 is one of the best under the bed gun safe under $500. You can use the wide slide-out drawer to store rifles, shotguns, or any other firearm and valuables. This is considerably the best gun safe under 500 dollars for under bed location.

Made from 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, this gun safe is extremely durable and resistant to damages. It also features a pry-resistant door design to provide the ultimate anti-theft protection.

The slide-out drawer has its interior carpeted to keep your valuables well-protected. In case of movement, there will be no rattling and your firearms won’t be damaged or scratched.

Another impressive thing about this unit is the two-way access. You can access it either through the digital PIN code lock or the master key.

Besides, the digital keypad runs on 4 AA batteries that have a runtime of 1 year before needing a recharge.

While this gun safe is designed to be used at home, you can also fit it in your car trunk and use it on the road.


  • Pre-drilled holes for a virtually permanent installation
  • 14-gauge heavy-duty construction
  • Wide slide-out drawer for easy access
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Pry-resistant door design
  • Space-saving design
  • All-carpeted interior

Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe – Best Rifle Gun Safe Under 500

If you are looking for a secretive place to keep your firearms and valuables, you can hardly go wrong with the home gear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe.  This is considerably the best gun safe under 500 dollars that is electronic.

This gun safe is spacious made to store up to 5 rifles. On the inside of this safe, you’ll find an internal lockbox for storing your most important items.

When it comes to safety and protection, you can trust its high-quality steel design that’s both theft-proof and resistant to damages.

More importantly, this gun safe offers two access ways. You can either use the electronic keypad or manual keys.

The electronic keypad runs on 4AA batteries. In an event when batteries have no power, you can still access the safe using the manual keys.

Weighing more than 114lbs, this safe is very heavy. Therefore, it can’t be stolen easily. You can also mount it inside your house and make it practically immobile.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Allows either keypad or manual keys entry
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • The large interior that stores up to 5 guns
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • 2 vertical and horizontal solid locking bolts
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Separate lockbox for valuables like jewelry

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gun Safe under $500

Now that you are already under a tight budget, here are some of the important factors to look out for when buying a gun safe under this price range


The ideal gun safe capacity will depend on the number of guns that you own. Given the plenty of options available, you are not limited in terms of choice.

However, the design of these gun safes differs.

So if you own multiple guns, you’ll need a large-sized gun safe that fits all the guns.


There are multiple ways in which gun safes under $500 can keep burglars and kids out.

The modern approach is to use a gun safe with a fingerprint lock mechanism with a backup key lock.

Other approaches include coded passwords or a combination of multiple lock mechanisms.

Easy Access

Emergency situations happen when least expected. You’ll therefore need a gun safe that you can get into within the shortest period.

Biometric fingerprint recognition offers the fastest and easiest access to your gun case.


The best gun safe under $500 should be able to fit inside your house and not take too much of your space.

If it’s a large-sized unit that houses multiple firearms, it’s likely to have a furniture-like design that makes it blend in.

Most small-sized gun safes have a compact design that fits easily in a cupboard or wardrobe to keep them out of sight.

Secure Construction

To keep kids and thieves out of your gun safe, you’ll need a lockable safe. The safe needs to be made from heavy-duty metal such as steel.

Additionally, the hinges should be tamper-proof, the door pry-proof, and lock should be reinforced with metal plates on the inside. Some gun safes can also be mounted on the wall or floor for added security.

Tamper Alerts

Not all gun safes under $500 come with tamper alerts.

However, this is an important feature and some gun safe includes it as standard. In most cases, tamper alerts will come in form of notifications to your phone.


Can I change my gun safe combination?

Yes. Should you forget your PIN code or discover that someone knows the code to your safe, most gun safes under $500 provide adequate information on how to change the combination code.

What is the best place to put a gun safe?

It depends. If it’s compact, then you can easily hide it in your cupboard or wardrobe.

If it’s a large unit, you should put it in a place where it’s easily accessible in an emergency situation.

What is the best gun safe under $500?

It’s hard to define a specific model as the best gun safe under $500.

This is because individual gun safe needs differ from one individual to the other. However, all of the gun safes listed above offer the best value.

What Is the Best Gun Safe for Under 500?

Each of these gun safes we have outlined in this review qualify as the best gun safe under 500 dollars.


Hopefully, this buying guide has provided you with proper information about the best gun safes under $500.

Don’t forget that how and where you intend to put or mount your safe will play a major role in which model to go for.

Take time and compare the different models available and then choose one that’s best suited for your needs.