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best eotech for shotgun

Are you having a hard time searching for the best EOTech for shotgun? In today’s buying guide, we look at the features of the best options available today. Read on, as we will also share the factors you should keep in mind when buying an EOTech scope.

Shotguns are among the most reliable and easy-to-use weapons, favored heavily for home defense, on top of recreational, sport, hunting, and law enforcement use.

If you would ask any gun enthusiast what the one thing they would change on their shotgun is, it would most likely be the bead front sight. This best shotgun sights list aims to help you pick a high-quality replacement to improve your accuracy and speed.

The bead sight is primarily designed to provide an easy way to lead the target, such as a bird in flight or a running rabbit. However, there are better ways to handle target acquisition at a closer range.

The main misconception about shotguns is how big is the spread of the shot. Even with a shell designed to spread immediately, you will still have to aim quite accurately to hit anything at close range.

The large spread plays a factor when you shoot a duck in flight at 70 yards and not nearly as much when engaged in a self-defense scenario. It certainly helps, but having the best shotgun scope or sight would improve your chances of hitting the target and doing it quickly.

About the EOTECH Brand

EOTECH is a technologically advanced optic company that provides high-quality optics and scopes for the military, law enforcement organizations, and sporting applications. It was launched in 1995 but was first introduced by the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM) at the University of Michigan in 1996.

ERIM created some of the military’s first-ever remote sensing and holography technology for small firearms. According to reliable reviews, EOTECH is notorious for being top-tier. It is no wonder most reviews from AR enthusiasts state that they are satisfied with this brand’s performance.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights are among the fastest target acquisition optics in the world. The system optimizes the operator’s peripheral vision capacity, and even with the sight window shattered or partially obstructed by mud, snow, or rain, the sight will still function effectively.

You have been eyeing that EOTech holographic sight since the first quarter of the year. You have finally saved up enough money to invest in your new sighting device.

However, most users get confused about which of the EOTech sights would suit their hunting rifle. This is why we decided to find the best EOTech sight for you.

Let us get right into it.


EOTECH XPS2 – Best Overall

The EOTech XPS2 is the smallest, shortest, and lightest Holographic Sight available. The compact size and weight provide convenience for shooters and law enforcement officers.

Like the XPS3 model, the XPS2-0 also runs on a single-lithium CR123 battery, leaving more rail space for rear iron sights or magnifiers.

It uses a quick-release lever attachment and outer targeting ring to acquire targets at close ranges quickly.

The XPS2-0 offers lightning-fast target acquisition using its multiple brightness settings in standard operating mode. It is ideal for a 12-gauge shotgun for turkey hunting and coyote hunting.

Depending on how the shooter turned the sight on, it shuts off after either 4 or 8 hours after use.


  • It takes up minimal rail space
  • It has a quick-release lever attachment
  • It has outer targeting ring
  • It is easy to pick up even with both eyes open
  • It features a 1MOA dot

EOTECH XPS3 – Best Value



best eotech for shotgun




The EOTECH XPS3 is one of the shortest and lightest Holographic Weapon Sight. This sight is night vision compatible and features a 1MOA dot.

It is important to note that this sight is powered by a single CR123 battery that lasts up to 600 hours to 1,000 continuous hours at a nominal setting of 12 at room temperature. The XPS3-0 is also water-resistant and is submersible up to 33ft.

This sight is also NVG compatible, making it ideal for daytime and nighttime use. This Holographic Sight only weighs 9 oz. and mounts to 1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail.

This sight features 20 daylight settings and ten additional settings for Gen I through III+ NVGs. It also features an unlimited field of view and generous eye relief.


  • It has an unlimited field of view and generous eye relief
  • It weighs 9 oz. and mounts to 1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • It is water resistant and you can submerge it up to 33 feet.
  • It has a 1 MOA dot


best eotech sight for shotgunThe EOTech 512 is considered EOTech’s most popular Holographic Weapon Sights without night vision compatibility. It is ideal for personal defense, tactical and recreational shooting applications.

The 512 also features rear buttons for easy access for both right and left-hand shooters. It has 20 different brightness settings for dawn to dusk hunting. This is ideal for competitive shooting in standard operating mode.

This HWS is powered by two 1.5 Volts double-A batteries. However, it also supports alkaline, rechargeable batteries or lithium that may last up to 2,200 – 2,500 continuous hours.


  • It supports alkaline, rechargeable batteries or lithium that lasts up to 2,200-2,500 continuous hours
  • It has 20 brightness settings
  • It has two 1.5 Volts double-A batteries power it
  • It has rear buttons for easy access for both right and left-hand shooters


best eotech sight for shotgunThe EOTECH EXPS3 is an operator-grade Holographic Weapon Sight built for close-quarter engagements with fast-moving targets. This particular model delivers two eyes open shooting while providing a 7mm raised base for lower iron sight access. This optic is also night vision compatible.

Like the EOTech HHS, the EOTech EXPS3 also comes with side buttons and a quick-release locking lever for easy installation and removal, ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier. This HWS comes with a 68MOA Ring and 1 MOA dot reticle. Its battery life may last up to 1,000 continuous hours.


  • It comes with a 68MOA Ring and 1 MOA dot reticle
  • It has 30 levels of illumination
  • It is as lightweight as the EXPS2-0
  • It features a quick-release lever
  • It can be used with a G33 magnifier like the HHS.
  • It delivers two-eyes open shooting


best eotech sight for shotgun





The EOTECH 552 model is another Holographic Weapon Sight that is night vision compatible and works with all Gen 1 – 3 NVGs. It also features a 68MOA Ring and 1MOA dot reticle. The EOTech 552 is also compatible with both 1” Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Mounting Rails.

This battle-tested optic is powered by double A batteries and supports CR123, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries. The 552 also has side buttons and an adjustable, quick-locking, quick-detach lever for easy installation and removal.


  • It is powered by double A batteries
  • It is waterproof up to 33 feet
  • It has fog proof lens
  • It has automatic shut down
  • It features a 68MOA Ring and one MOA dot reticle
  • It also has side buttons and an adjustable, quick-locking, quick-detach lever for easy installation and removal.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best EOTECH for Shotgun

Here are the important features you need to consider:

  • Battery

The battery is one of the elements one must consider well when buying the best EOTechs for your shotgun. There are two types of batteries, used by most EOTech holographic sight enthusiasts.

The most common battery type is AA. AA batteries are typically dry cells, which are made with an electrolyte that is inside a paste. An electrolyte is a solution that conducts electricity.

Generally, the AA batteries feature top-tier steel casings and are typically alkaline, producing 1.5 volts. AA batteries are easier to find and, most likely, less expensive than lithium batteries.

The other type is CR123 batteries are typically lightweight and compact cells with relatively large voltages. Compared to AA batteries, CR123 batteries are somewhat lighter and smaller. These batteries are generally used in digital cameras as their bright flashes, LCDs, and other functions require high voltage that lithium chemistry batteries could provide.

  • Mounting options

It is important to check if the mounting system is compatible with your weapon of choice. This helps to secure stability and reliability against harsh recoil.

It is worth mentioning that there are two mounting options commonly used for a shotgun.

The Standard Picatinny rail mount, also known as a MIL-STD-1913 rail, is a military standard rail interface system that provides a mounting platform for firearm accessories. This mount was initially used for mounting scopes atop the receivers of larger caliber rifles such as AR-15 rifles.

The Quick Release Picatinny mount provides shooters the ability to quickly remove and reattach their scopes by hand with minimal loss of zero. The QD mount generally uses 1 or 2 levers instead of nuts, thumb screws, or Allen head bolts to secure themselves onto rails. A QD mount can also be taken out and stored separately. According to reviews, getting this mount seems to be a better choice.

  • Night vision

It is also best to consider the night vision compatibility of the sight you intend to buy. However, it would only be beneficial to get an HWS for your night hunting sprees. Otherwise, we suggest that you buy a non-night vision compatible sight to save money.

  • Accessories

Accessories are also essential aspects that need to be considered when buying the best EOTech sights. Some EOTech sights can be well-partnered with a top-quality magnifier like the G33 magnifier. These added accessories allow quick transition from short-range to mid-range functionality. EOTech also offers laser battery caps for use with the AA battery red dot EOTech sights.


The trend of adding sights on shotguns has been picking up, and we can see why. Adding any optical sight drastically improves accuracy, whether you are a hunter, target shooter, or using your shotgun as a home-defense weapon.

If budget is a non-issue, a holographic sight is a way to go. For a more budget-conscious purchase, a holographic sight goes a long way.

Even an illuminated front post will be enough for a noticeable difference when aiming with a shotgun.

As always, we strive to deliver the best choices that have proven themselves in practical use and guide how to buy the best option. We hope you have learned a bit about the sights available and picked the best shotgun sight for your needs!