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If you reload your own ammo, then you certainly need the best case prep center. Case prep stations help you to do a number of functions to prepare the casings you have for your reloading press.

They can help you to trim, chamfer, and deburr your casing. You can also use them to clean the prime pockets, and may even remove military crimps.

This is a convenient tool you need, compared to having a set of manual tools for each task.

However, it is worth mentioning that not all case prep centers are the same. Some are more expensive than others. You may be overwhelmed with the choices, but this guide will help you to pick the best.

What is a Case Prep Center?

A case prep center is a tool that allows you to prepare cases properly so that they’re ready for reloading. It should be efficient and should not have any problems.

They are very easy to use and will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Each model has its own design. Therefore, you have to carefully read the manual to understand how it works.

They include motors that automate some tasks for you. You do not have to exert much effort for tasks like trimming, chamfering, and deburring the cases.

7 Best Case Prep Center Reviews


Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case

best case prep center

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case is an easy-to-use case prep station that includes timmer indexes on the shoulder for speed and precision.

This versatile kit includes a deburring tool, chamfering tool, 3 case body collets in different sizes, 6 case shoulder bushings in different sizes, and 2 primer pocket cleaners in different sizes.

The 3 collets and 6 bushings allow you to deal with shouldered cases. The cases range from the .17 Remington up to the .460 Weatherby.

This product allows you to trim and chamfer cases in no time, and you can trim the brass to the desired length.

It is made from high-quality steel and aluminum for durability. The motor included is meant for heavy-duty, and the same goes for the drivetrain.


  • It saves you a lot of time and effort when preparing your cases for reloading
  • It includes adjustable collects that can accommodate a wide range of calibers
  • It runs fairly quiet and consistently trims to the specified length




RCBS 90375 Trim Mate Case Prep Center

best case prep center

The RCBS 90375 Trim Mate Case Prep Center is made from high-quality materials to ensure its longevity. It includes large and small primer pocket brushes, inside chamfering and outside deburring tools, medium and small case neck brushes, and a packet of dry case neck lube.

It includes 5 rotating heads that help you to do your work easier. It allows you to chamfer, deburr the flash hole, clean primmer pockets, and remove military crimps.

However, it does not include a trimmer, but it works well with the Trim Pro Power Case Trimmer.

It includes a powerful motor that is not as noisy as other case prep centers within the market.


  • It includes a powerful but quiet motor that automates many tasks
  • It includes 5 rotating heads to make your work easier
  • It is easy to use and cuts down on the case prep time

Hornady 050012 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center

best case prep center

The Hornady 050012 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center is a popular option among reloaders. It includes removable trays that are easy to detach and provide ample collection space for shavings.

This product is innovatively designed to keeps shavings in the catch trays and out of cases. This brand only manufactures reloading gears made from high durable quality materials.

Your purchase includes chamfer and deburrs tools, large and small primer pocket cleaners, 6 popular neck brush sizes, pilots, and shell holders.

You can use this tool to trim cases ranging ¾ of an inch to 3¼ inches. It is very easy to use and handle, as it offers you a comfortable grip with nice leverage.


  • It includes a powerful motor with a rugged housing that will last for years
  • It allows you to trim small and large cases
  • It allows you to adjust the trimmer down to 0.001 of an inch




 Lyman Case Prep Xpress 115V 7810220

best case prep center

The Lyman Case Prep Xpress 115V 7810220 boasts to provide you with the fastest way to prep brass cases for the reloading process. It is powered by a quiet high torque motor and comes with all the accessories you may need.

It includes accessories like an inside and outside deburrs tool, case neck brushes, lube, removable brass shavings, and a clean-up brush.

This kit is referred to as an all-exclusive system that is a must-have for reloading enthusiasts.

It includes 5 stations for the 5 tools included in the kit to handle a lot of case preparation tasks much more quickly.

The outside deburr tool is useful for deburring the outside mouth of the case, resulting in a smooth and even finish. This kit is suitable for prepping cases ranging from .17 to .45 caliber.


  • It includes a lot of accessories that allow you to use less effort
  • It is very easy to use even for newbies
  • It is designed to provide you with precision loads




Hornady Lock-n-Load Case Prep Trio

best case prep center

The Hornady Lock-n-Load Case Prep Trio is a case prep center that is popular for its high-quality reloading equipment.

This affordable solution is effective for ensuring you have high quality for reloading. However, it is important to note that it doesn’t clean or lubricate your cases, but it includes all the other tools you’ll need for case prepping.

This device is powered by a high-torque motor to get through each stage of the prepping process with minimal effort and speed.

It will fit on any reloading bench and provide you with reliable results each time you use it.


  • It is affordable when compared to other case prep centers in the market today
  • It is made from durable materials to ensure it is reliable
  • It is electric-powered by a high torque motor




RCBS Universal Case Prep Center

best case prep center

The RCBS Universal Case Prep Center is suitable for reloaders who are looking for something that accepts practically any caliber and will do a stellar job of prepping brass.

You can use it to chamfer, deburr, and clean primer pockets efficiently. It is also very easy to use the alignment tools.

It is powered by a high torque motor, which accommodates six prepping stations and you can do it all hands-free.

You can also make micro-meter adjustments to case trimming to achieve the desired results. It also includes .22, .24, .25, .27, .28, .30, .35, .44, and .45 pilots, as well as large and small primer pocket brushes.


  • It is a universal case prep station that supports many calibers
  • It has an ambidextrous lever that is very easy to use
  • It is suitable for high-volume case prepping within a short time




Sinclair Power Center

best case prep center

The Sinclair Power Center is a premium reloading gear that continues to live up to its expectations. You can use it to prep brass so you can spend more time at the range with more accurate ammo.

This tool has a compact design that is easy to transport and store. It is powered by a monster 43-inch pound torque motor that is powerful when compared to the ones used on other case prep centers within the same price range.

The motor has a slow rate of RPM, which ensures that it is quiet and precise.

The on/off switch is conveniently placed to allow you to quickly stop and restart the process when required.


  • It allows you to attach chamfering and deburring tools
  • It is made from durable materials making it very reliable
  • It is powered by a powerful motor that provides you with great results

Benefits of Owning a Case Prep Center

You can prepare cases for reloading manual tools. However, you will realize that there are many advantages of owning the best case prep station:

  • Saves a lot of time – Using manual tools to prep your cases for reloading takes a lot of time. It is not a one-step process, because you have to sort the brass, set them to the right size, clean them, and maybe even lubricate them. This is why you need a case prep center that is designed to handle all these tasks efficiently.
  • Saves a lot of effort – Case prep stations make the work easier for you so that you can save a lot of effort. When you use manual tools you exert a lot of effort, which may result in blisters and cramping.
  • Ensures bullets are safe and reliable – If you use a case prep center as required, you will end up with properly loaded rounds that are safe and reliable to use. It is more efficient and safe than using manual tools. Improperly loaded rounds may cause accidents that can be very serious.

Now that you have understood the advantages, let’s look at some factors to consider when buying the best case prep centers.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Case Prep Center

Before you purchase the best case prep station, there are some factors you should consider. When you have selected the best tool for your needs, remember to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Brand of the case prep center – We recommend purchasing case prep stations from premium brands that are made from high-quality products. we recommend top brands like Frankford Arsenal, Lyman, RCBS, and Hornady.
  • Accessories included – You should check out the tools included in the kit. The accessories are will help you to prep your cases efficiently. They will help you to determine which types of caliber cases you can work on. You should choose a case prep center that will accommodate the calibers you use.
  • Cost of Case Prep Center – It is important to note that high-quality case prep centers are expensive. You should purchase a high-quality case prep center to get the best results.
  • End Results – The best case prep center should provide you with reliable and consistent results. If you are using it to trim cases, you should ensure that they are of the same length. The tool you choose should be very easy to set up.
  • Durability – The case prep station you choose should be made from high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the device.

You should also take into account the number of stations, as you’d want to get as many as you can.

How to Use a Case Prep Center

It is important to note that the exact steps for using a case prep center depend greatly on the model you purchase. However, the basics are similar regardless of the model.

The first step is to open your package and then make sure that all the accessories have been included. Once you have verified everything is there, take some time to read all the manuals.

After that, install the prep tools included. You are required to thread them into the stations. You can use the inside deburr tool to cut a 22-degree chamfer on the case to let you enter the bullet into the cartridge more easily.

The outside deburr tool is used to cut excess brass, so you end up with a nice and even finish for the outside case mouth.

The primer pocket uniformer is used to cut uniform depth squares on the eating surface for the anvil of the primer.

The primer pocket reamer allows you to take out rough metal edges and military crimps. It only takes a few seconds to do this.

The last step is to use the case neck brush of a particular caliber to clean the fillings.


We hope that our post helped you to narrow down your search to pick the best case prep station.

However, if you are still unsure, we recommend the Lyman Case Prep Xpress 115V 7810220. It is a complete kit packed with a wide range of tools. All you need is a cutting head for trimming.

The case prep center we’ve included will save you a lot of time and are super easy to use. They will provide you with fantastic results, which are consistent and reliable.