Top 10 Best Butterfly Binoculars » Best Binoculars for Butterfly Watching

best binoculars for butterfly watching

Are you looking for the best butterfly binoculars? We have researched and put together the list of the best binoculars for butterflies. This should be the ultimate guide for buyers looking for the best deal for butterfly binoculars.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and you can be able to view so much of their bodies without any special equipment.

There is a traditional way of viewing these and many other beautiful insects which includes capturing them, placing them on a pinboard, and then using a magnifying glass to study them.

A good pair of binoculars can however enhance your ability to easily see subtle features of their color, structure, or behavior.

It allows you to view the creatures without having to kill them, like in the traditional method. This review gives the best binoculars you can use for butterfly viewing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Butterfly Binoculars

Objective Size

The second number in the term 7 x 36 refers to the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters (mm).  A larger objective ensures more light is gathered and hence, a brighter image.

The quality of the lens also has a significant effect on brightness. The disadvantage of a larger objective is that the lenses are larger, often making the binoculars heavier.

Close Focus

Butterflies can often be observed at close range hence; the ideal binoculars will allow you to focus more closely.

Eye Relief

Eye relief refers to the distance from the lens (ocular) to the image in focus. For glass wearers, the eye relief must be at least 15 mm to see the entire image.


Waterproofing is important and means that you can use binoculars even in bad weather. They are also ideal for use in tropical weather and are easy to clean.

Lens Coatings

Lens coating provides a much brighter and clearer image. Binocular lenses can be coated, multicoated, or fully multicoated. You need to know what type of coating is on your butterfly binoculars.

Eye Cups

The eyecups are designed with a rubber or rubber-coated rim around the ocular to allow for a comfortable feel on your face.

The rubber helps to keep the binoculars from sliding around. You could choose the soft rubber ones that fold down for those who wear glasses or others; pop-up or twist-up.

Top 10 Best Butterfly Binoculars » Best Binoculars for Butterfly Watching


Pentax 8.5×21 U-Series Papilio II Binocular – Pentax Papilio Binoculars

best butterfly binoculars

These are compact and lightweight Binoculars that combine aspherical optical elements and BAK4 Porro prisms to deliver edge-to-edge image sharpness with a 51° apparent angle of view.

They have fully multi-coated optics to provide a high transmission of light. They have an 8.5x magnification and 21mm objectives, which give you notable magnification, clear images, and a compact form factor.

The binoculars have a wide 6° angular field of view that allows you to view targets and quickly bring them into focus with a center focus wheel.

They also have a minimum focus of 20″ which allows you to study in detail close objects like butterflies, animal footprints, marks, or landscape features.

They are tripod mountable using an integrated 1/4″-20 socket, and also feature a 2.5mm exit pupil, a 15mm eye relief, an interpapillary, and diopter adjustments. The unique uni-body design enhances durability by locking objective lenses in a single housing and synchronizing the eyepiece movement.

In case you wear eyeglasses, the binocular offers twist-up rubber eyecups. Also included in the package are a carrying case, a neck strap, and eyepiece covers.


Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Binoculars

best butterfly binocularsMelissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Binoculars is a kid-friendly binocular suitable for kids aged 2 years and above.

It helps them focus on the natural world with a 4x25adjustable field for viewing long-distance targets. They feature a butterfly theme and a bright and sturdy design. This binocular helps to increase the creativity, imagination, and fast learning of kids. It is easy to hold and comfortable for the kids’ eyes.


Pentax Papilio II 6.5×21 Binoculars (Gray)

best binoculars for butterfly watchingThese Pentax Papilio binoculars feature Unique Pentax Technology which offers not only distant views but also a fresh viewing experience with the original 50-centimeter macro.

The binoculars are quite versatile and can be used for spectator sports, stargazing, concerts, travel, and hiking. They feature diopter adjustment that allows you to adjust the left and right lenses independently if you have differing prescriptions in each eye.

The long eye relief on the other hand allows you to use the binoculars comfortably, even when wearing glasses.

The Pentax binoculars have fully multi-coated optics which provide a bright and clear view for incredible detail. They come in 6.5×21 and 8.5×21 magnifications and have a compact adjustable size for easy use by children.

The aspherical lens elements provide exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness ensuring that the items on the edge of your field of view are just as sharp as those in the center.

The high-quality Bak 4 Prism with an excellent refractive index offers bright and clear images throughout the entire field of view while allowing for real color reproduction. The body is rubber-coated for shockproofing while the Helicoid eyecups allow fine adjustments to the preferred eye relief. The binoculars come with a case, neck strap, and lens cover.



VGEBY1 Children Binoculars, High-Resolution Shockproof Binoculars

best butterfly binoculars

VGEBY1 Children Binocular is made of PVC material, which is non-toxic steady, and durable. It features a smooth surface design that lacks rough edges that could harm your kids when using. The exquisite design is made up of bright colors and cute cartoon animals design, which are very attractive to children.

This set provides a good present for kids to help them both in learning knowledge and entertainment. It can be used on many occasions such as school, preschool, science museum, and aquarium among other places.


20×50 Binoculars for Adults

best butterfly binocularsThese professional powerful binoculars are designed with 20X power magnification, 50mm large objective lens, and offer a 367ft/1000yds large field of view. The binocular has a durable structure with odorless rubber armor that is non-slip to provide protection as well as a secure and comfortable gripping surface.

It can deliver a clear image from more than 650 feet away, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, traveling, sightseeing, and astronomical viewing. This binocular uses the BAK4 FMC film aspheric lens which is fully multi-coated to provide superior light transmission, contrast, and quality.

The O-ring sealed optics with a waterproof and fog proof coating prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.

The corrective optical coating is also good for color fidelity and minimizing distortion. It can be used at night, but not in complete darkness, thanks to its high refractive index which can effectively avoid dark angle, for brighter and clearer images.

The improved adjustable knob makes it easy to focus on your goal, by simply rolling the center-focus knob to adjust the focal point for best focus. Finally, it can be connected to a multipurpose tripod stand for easy mounting.


8×42 Waterproof Binoculars for Adults

best butterfly binocularsThe Hontry 8×42 binoculars are equipped with roof-prism which makes them more compact and heavy-duty. The BAK4 prism also ensures high quality and enhanced images.

The binoculars have a rubber build material that is very comfortable to hold and features an ergonomic design with rubberized non-slip grips for a very easy and convenient extensive use.

The design is also waterproof which makes it suitable for any kind of water activity such as whale or dolphin watching or sightseeing while kayaking with your family.

The 15mm eyecups are easy to move and adjust to alter the eye relief. It is comfortable and flexible to use with no eye strain or headache even for people with eyeglasses.

The binocular has an 8x magnification with a viewing field of 362ft@1,093 yards providing a wide-open look for bird watching or hunting. The 42mm lenses have multiple coatings (FMC) allowing for 96.3% light transmission for a clear and distinguishable image.

The binocular is Nitrogen filled for waterproof and fog-proof performance. They are lightweight (1.2lb) and easy to carry.


Pentax Papilio II 8.5×21 Binoculars

Pentax Papilio II 8.5x21 BinocularsPentax Papilio II 8.5×21 Binoculars are lightweight, compact, and combine aspherical optical elements and BAK4 Porro prisms to deliver edge-to-edge image sharpness.

The fully multi-coated optics provide high light transmission, while the 8.5x magnification and 21mm objectives give you notable magnification and stable images. They have a single-piece frame that houses objectives, which allow for a synchronized interpapillary adjustment.

The binoculars feature an Op/Tech Elastic Bino/Cam Harness that self-adjusts to comfortably balance gear while in use or the idle position against the body.

It also has a unique loop attachment system that enables the harness to quickly snap in place using Uni-Loop quick disconnects.


Rexing B1 (Carbon Fiber Color) Night Vision Goggles Binoculars

best binoculars for watching butterflies and birdsRexing B1 binoculars are easy to use and allow you to observe subjects in the dark up to 300M (984ft) away, with infrared (IR) lighting, 10x optical zoom, and 4x digital zoom supported by an f/1.2 25mm objective lens.

The binoculars feature a built-in 2.31” LCD that converts to a 7” large viewing screen by the convex lens, giving you a complete picture.

The built-in photo and video modes feature high resolution capture (Photo – 1MP 1280×960 pixel, Video – 960p @ 30fps).

You can store hundreds of high-quality photos and several hours of video on the Micro SD card that provides up to 32GB of storage.

The binoculars are IP56 water-resistant and have a battery life of up to 6 hours of continuous video recording time, as well as 17 hours of constant operation without infrared lights in the daytime. They are backed by an 18 monthly warranty.


SkyGenius 10 x 50 Powerful Binoculars for Adults

best binoculars for butterfly watching ukThese Skygenius 10 x 50 Powerful binoculars are designed with a corrective optical coating that offers excellent light transmission and color fidelity.

They have a 10X power magnification and reduce chromatic aberration for clear, sharp, and vivid images with bright colors. The binoculars have a 50mm large objective lens diameter and provide a 367ft/1000yds large field of view that is ideal for fast-moving subjects when bird watching, hunting, driving, or during sports events.

They have aspherical lenses and multi-layer coating for excellent light transmission, image brightness, contrast, and quality.

The Binoculars have a durable structure with odorless rubber armor for shock resistance and anti-slip grip.

They are wear-resistant, moisture-proof, and can be used for low light use but not complete darkness. They also have a Diopter System that adjusts the imbalance vision of both eyes and a smooth and large center focus knob for simple operation and focuses.

You can twist the rubber-covered eyepiece up and down for different people adjusting a proper eye relief.

They are lightweight (1.75-pound) binoculars that are ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, bird watching, astronomy, camping, mountain climbing, hiking, traveling, watching wildlife and scenery.


UPSKR 12×25 Compact Binoculars

best binoculars for butterfly watching ukThe UPSKR 12×25 Compact is compact and lightweight, well suited for bird and butterfly watching. The binoculars can be used both day and night, in low-light-level vision but not in complete darkness.

They can be folded into palm size for easy fitting into a pocket or bag. They are also waterproof to resist light water (cannot be used in heavy rain for a long time or soaked in the water) and feature a hyper-durable anti-slip grip for easy carry.

The binoculars offer a large field of view that allows you to focus on your target for detail at 1000 yards out.

This binocular set has FMC Broadband coating and premium BAK4 prism to ensure optimum light transmittance for bright and colorful images. The 12x magnification with a 25 mm objective lens allows you to see objects 12 times closer with utmost clarity.

The set has an adjustable eye width and dual focus, hence suitable for both kids and adults. The easy-to-use central focus wheel and diopter adjusting ring allow easy focusing on your targets. These binoculars are fit for hunting, hiking, exploring, viewing, sailing, bird watching, concert, and outdoor sports.


As a lover of nature and all that it brings, I am not a big fan of the traditional way of butterfly studying, which mostly involves killing them.

Binoculars are used to observe the insects from a distance as well as those as close as on your foot, without hurting them.