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Streamlight TLR 8 Review » Best Compact Flashlight & Laser Combo

streamlight tlr 8 review

Streamlight TLR 8 is one of the best tactical weapon mount flashlight that comes with a laser and is highly effective for multiple applications as you will see in this comprehensive Streamlight TLR 8 review.

In this Streamlight TLR 8 review, we will share all features, specifications, pros and cons of Streamlight TLR 8 tactical weapon flashlight to help you understand why you should consider buying this weapon light.

Previously we have reviewed other best Streamlight tactical weapon lights that include Streamlight TLR 6 review, Streamlight TLR 7 review and Streamlight TLR 1 HL Review.

Each of these tactical weapon lights have unique advantages and you can consider each for specific applications and weapons. Now lets us look at Streamlight TLR 8 tactical flashlight and see what it has to offer.

Streamlight TLR 8 Review (Specifications, Features, Pros, Cons & Verdict)

Streamlight TLR 8 is an ultra-compact weapon light that is skillfully designed to fit a wide range of firearms and it is integrated with aiming laser feature which makes it a better tactical weapon flashlight.

Streamlight TLR 8 is small in size and fits in several handguns and the low profile design helps to prevent snagging. It also features a “safe off” feature that is designed to prevent accidental activation.

It is an extremely bright weapon light that is powered by the C4 led technology to produce LED Only or LED & Laser: 500 lumens, 4,300 candela peak beam intensity and 131-meter beam distance.

It has a good run time of up to 1.5 hours and can run for 18 hours when only running laser alone.

Why is Streamlight TLR 8 Tactical Weapon Light Popular?

The following are some of the reasons why Streamlight TLR 8 tactical weapon flashlight is highly popular and continues to grow in high positive ratings:

  • Can fit in several handguns
  • Have up to 1.5 hour run time and 18-hour laser only run time
  • Safe off feature that prevents accidental activation and saves battery
  • Good price for such a high quality tactical weapon light.

Streamlight TLR 8 Specifications

The following are the specification of the Streamlight TLR 8 Tactical flashlight:

Weapon Light Specifications

streamlight tlr 8 review

High Lumens: 500

Run Time: 1.50 hours

Beam Distance: 140 meters

Max Candela: 5,000

Battery Type:CR123A Lithium

Battery Quantity:1

Length:2.15 inches (5.46 centimeters)

Weight:2.64 ounces (74.84 grams)

Colors: Black


Before we look at the features, pros and cons of the Streamlight TLR 8 Tactical weapon flashlight, it helps to share the other closely similar best Streamlight tactical flashlights that you can compared with this weapon light.

Similar Best Streamlight Tactical Flashlights

  1. Streamlight 69414 TLR-8A Flex Low-Profile Rail-Mounted Tactical Light, Black/Red Laser
  2. Streamlight 69424 TLR-7A Flex Low-Profile Rail-Mounted Tactical Light, Black
  3. Streamlight 69420 Tlr-7 Low Profile Rail Mounted Tactical Light, Black – 500 Lumens
  4. Streamlight 69265 TLR-2 800 High Lumens G Rail Mounted Flashlight with Green Laser, Black
  5. Streamlight 69250 TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted Tactical Light with Integrated Green Aiming Laser – 300 Lumens
  6. Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL 1000-Lumen Tactical Weapon Mount Light with Rail Locating Keys & Lithium Batteries, Black – Box Packaged

Streamlight TLR 8 Review (In-depth Review)

Streamlight TLR 8 is not any ordinary tactical weapon light since it comes with additional capabilities that include a laser. It is ultra-light and compact making it highly useful for any small handgun.

Its aiming laser uses the C4 LED technology for high lumen operation and delivers a stunning performance.

Mounting this weapon light is straightforward since its designed with the rail clamp that allows for rapid attachment and detachment from the weapon side.

It’s a highly reliable tactical weapon light that provides a continuous run time of up to 1.5 hours when using both the light and the laser and up to 18 hours for laser use only.

Streamlight TLR 8 Compatibility

It is highly compatible with several handguns that include the following:

  1. Glock: Most Models Up to Gen 4 …. Univ-1; 17, 19 Gen 5 …. 1913-1
  2. Sig Sauer: 320 Compact & 1911 GSR …. 1913-1; 320 Carry & Full Size …. 1913-3; P200 Series (220, 2022, Etc.) …. 1913-2
  3. Smith & Wesson: TSW (With Riveted Rail) & 99 …. Univ-2; M&P (Full Sizes) …. 1913-2
  4. Beretta: 92 Fs/M9a1 Models …. 1913-1, 90two …. 1913-2; 92/96 A1 …. 1913-2 (Tight Slot Fit), APX …. Univ-1 (Loosely Front to Back), Px4 Storm Full Size …. Univ-2 (Loosely Front to Back)
  5. Springfield Armory: XD (9, 40, 45, 9(M) …. Univ-1
  6. FN: Fns-40, Five-Seven, 509 & FNX …. 1913-1
  7. HK: VP 9 …. 1913-1; P30 …. 1913-2
  8. CZ: P-01, P-07 & P-10 …. 1913-1; 75 Sp-01 …. 1913-3
  9. Kimber: 1911 Custom ….1913-1
  10. Ruger: Sr-9 …. Univ-1 1913
  11. Picatinny Rail …. Any 1913 Key

Streamlight TLR 8 Features

The following are the features of Streamlight TLR 8 tactical flashlight:

  • The body is made from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with black anodized finish making it a highly durable weapon light.
  • Streamlight TLR 8 tactical flashlight is very bright since it uses the C4 LED technology to deliver an impervious to shock and has a 50,000-hour lifetime since its made with borofloat high temperature glass for high durability.
  • It delivers brightness of 500 Lumens, 4, 300 Candela peak beam intensity and 131 m beam distance along with the best weapon laser that provides the user with long-range targeting capabilities.
  • Streamlight TLR 8 tactical flashlight is designed with custom TIR Optic that produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination which is augmented by the optimized electronics to provide regulated intensity.
  • The smartly designed left and right side switches are ideally placed to provide ambidextrous operation for the quick press during constant operations and press and hold for the momentary operations.
  • Streamlight TLR 8 tactical flashlight is a class 3R Laser product, 650 nm, Output <5mW


  • Excellent mounting system that is easy to mount no expertise needed
  • Great price and good value
  • Includes a laser
  • Compatible with a wide range of handguns
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very bright and great run time for both light and laser
  • Easy to use in comparison with other weapon lights.


  • Bad design for the screws
  • Laser in some cases fails after repeated use over a long period




As we conclude this Streamlight TLR 8 review, I would generally rate this weapon light highly and recommend it to anyone looking for the best Streamlight tactical weapon light that has a laser.  Its high versatility makes it highly useful for variety of applications and can be a good weapon light for law enforcement, and home defense among other uses.