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best red dot for hellcat

Are you in the market for the best red dot for Hellcat and you cannot seem to locate a reliable optic for your firearm? In today’s guide, we will share some of the top recommended red dot sights available for Hellcat. Read on, as we will also share some of the important aspects you need to keep in mind to make a well informed purchase.

We understand that it can be a daunting task to find a reliable red dot sight because we went through the entire optic for hellcat research process ourselves. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most refined red dot optic for hellcats on the market right now to help you narrow down your search.

Before we proceed, it is important to learn more about this firearm. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is, without a doubt, one of the most popular firearms on the market. People are purchasing them as fast as the manufacturer can produce them.

Springfield Armory also provides the Hellcat with OSP variants in addition to the regular version. The OSP, or Optical Sight Pistol, is a gun version that allows for direct installation of an electronic optic to the slide.

The result is a way to put a micro-optic low on the pistol’s outstanding U-Dot sights, allowing for co-witnessing.

The slides on these weapons have been machined to fit the Springfield Micro optic footprint, which is 100% compatible with the Shield RMSc optic footprint.

Best Red Dot For Hellcat

By the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the best red dot sight for Hellcat. There are many options available today, but we have only included the ones that will deliver value for the money you spend.

The options we have included come with clear glass to ensure you have the best vision. In addition, they can help you hone your accuracy and precision skills.

Before you proceed, it is important to first define your shooting needs. This will make the overall selection process easy. In addition, you will not make the expensive mistake of buying a model that is not compatible with your firearm.

Let us look at the top picks available today.


Trijicon RMRcc – Best Overall

best red dot for hellcatbest red dot for hellcatTrijicon is the go-to name in optics for many individuals. It has a lengthy history of producing tough night sights, military rifle optics, and other battle-tested items.

These Sights are thinner and lower-profile than their predecessors, reducing snagging and speeding up your draws. Trijicon created these Red Dot Sights for concealed carry pistols so that you can acquire targets fast and precisely, especially in high-stress situations.

These handgun red dots are waterproof and manufactured from robust aluminum to withstand harsh circumstances.

The illuminated dot reticle is sharp, with eight brightness settings to choose from, including two modes for night vision compatibility. That means you can do some target practice during the day and go hog hunting at night without changing optics.

These Trijicon RMRcc red dots have tool-free windage and elevation adjustments for on-the-go precision, and updated battery contacts and electronic components ensure that these lenses will operate when you need them the most.

It has a 3.25 MOA or 6.5 MOA reticle, significantly increased over previous RMR versions.

Grab a Trijicon RMRcc Red Dot Sight today for the best sighting experience available for your pistol if you want a reliable red dot that will not snag or fail you in the field.

Key Features

best red dot for hellcat

  • 25 MOA or 6.5 MOA reticle
  • Eight brightness settings
  • Tool-free windage and elevation adjustments

Shield Sights SMSc – Best Value

best red dot for hellcatbest red dot for hellcatThe Shield Sights SMSc is a polymer-bodied counterpart of the Shield RMSc made of aluminum, which provides a good blend of lightness and durability. A 4 MOA aiming dot is projected onto the quartz-coated polymer lens by an integrated LED, allowing you to get on target quickly.

It was among the first micro-sized sights to hit the market, and it looks great on the Hellcat. That is one of the reasons why the SMSc is installed on so many handguns.

Shield Sights built the SMSc to function constantly on mode, continuously ready to fire. It features an automatic brightness adjustment system to maintain the aiming point bright enough for the lighting circumstances.

According to the manufacturer, a single CR2032 battery should last two to three years. On the other hand, the dot is frequently underpowered when carried and stored. The business estimates that a single battery will last four or more years for the average user

Key Features

best red dot for hellcat

  • Made of polymer
  • Built by Shield Sights
  • Automatic brightness adjustment system

JP Enterprises JPoint

best red dot for hellcatbest red dot for hellcatJP Enterprises has a reputation for developing and marketing high-quality weapons and shooting gear in the competition and precision shooting industries. The business continues its history with a set of small red dot style sights that will mount to the Hellcat’s RMSc optic footprint.

The JPoint sight, which comes with either a 4 MOA or an 8 MOA red aiming point, is widely regarded as one of the best Springfield Hellcat optics available.

The targeting dot is projected by an LED and not a laser. Therefore, there is no risk of eye harm. It also contains an impressive 98 percent light transmission rating of the hard-coated acrylic lens.

These sights are incredibly light, weighing in at less than one ounce each, allowing you to add one to your Hellcat without significantly increasing the weight on your belt.

The optic is made of glass-reinforced nylon polymer and can withstand more than 5000g of recoil force. It can also operate at temperatures ranging from -13 to more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sights are powered by a single CR2032 battery and contain an ambient light sensor that adjusts the aiming dot automatically. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last between six and twelve months in regular use. You are advised to change the batteries in your smoke detectors every six months for the same reason.

The sights are inexpensive and come with either a small or large targeting dot. JP Enterprises provides a warranty on the JPoint for as long as you own it. The warranty can be transferred to a new owner.

Key Features

best red dot for hellcat

  • 4 MOA or an 8 MOA red aiming point
  • Projected by an LED rather than a laser
  • Made of glass-reinforced nylon polymer
  • Powered by a single CR2032 battery

Swampfox Sentinel

best red dot for hellcatbest red dot for hellcatSwampfox is a feisty young startup worth checking out if you are not already aware of its offerings. The Sentinel is the company’s tiny red dot that matches the Hellcat precisely.

The Sentinel is built with top-of-the-line materials and procedures. The body is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that has been hard coated.

For remarkable optic clarity, Swampfox features an LED emitter with a genuine glass lens. The glass has a multi-coating finish that prevents fogging, repels water, and resists scratches, which is a big plus for a Springfield Hellcat red dot.

Swampfox offers two different versions of the sight. A regular Sentinel with manual controls is one of them. It has a constant-on variant, automatically adjusting the 3 MOA aiming dot’s brightness. A light sensor detects the illumination conditions in the environment and adjusts the aiming point accordingly.

Key Features

best red dot for hellcat

  • The body is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that has been hard coated
  • It has an LED emitter with a genuine glass lens
  • Multi-coating finish

HEX Wasp

best red dot for hellcatbest red dot for hellcatThe HEX Wasp is the clear choice if you want a red dot optic designed to function nicely with the Hellcat.

The HEX range of optics, designed by Springfield Armory, is challenging reflex sights that match the size and appearance of the company’s firearms. The Wasp is a good example of this.

The device attaches directly to the Hellcat OSP’s slide. As a result, the sight has a modest profile. When paired with the relief cut at the Wasp’s back, this red dot co-witnesses with the factory U-Dot sights.

The Wasp’s body is 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish from Springfield. It not only withstands regular wear and tears, but it also resists corrosion and is waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter.

The sight features impact-resistant glass for optical clarity, unlike some of the cheaper optics on the market. Scratch- and glare-resistant coatings are applied to the lens.

A 3.5 MOA red dot serves as the aiming point. A sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the Wasp to fit the ambient surroundings. This permits the sight to stay on all of the time, ensuring that you never miss a target. With regular use, the battery life is projected to be two years.

Key Features

best red dot for hellcat

  • Impact-resistant glass
  • Made of 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish
  • Waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter

Aspect To Consider When Buying A Red Dot For Hellcat

Red dots are a must-have instrument in the field of tactical training. Finding the right one for your needs can be difficult. Even with these reviews on the best red dots for Hellcat, you still need to consider what characteristics to consider before purchasing.

Eye Relief

When looking for a range, you will look for a broader and more consistent eye distance. This feature pertains to the scope’s ability to provide users with protection and safety, particularly with solid recoil and lighter weapons.


This is an essential element to consider while weighing your alternatives, especially if an archer wishes to aim and shoot from afar. After accurately zeroing the scope, finding a scope with a parallax adjustment mechanism will help you improve your eyesight.


When it comes to buying a red dot, one of the most important factors to consider is durability. All red dots are put through rigorous testing to meet some of the industry’s most stringent durability requirements, ensuring that they are guaranteed for life. It is not good to be inexpensive for gun-related equipment like Red Dot. Otherwise, you might have to compromise on durability.


Another essential aspect of life and accessibility is the battery. For example, if you choose a sight that requires special orders over more generally available batteries, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage. Another factor to consider is battery life, which must be sufficient for the amount of time you expect to use the weapon in real-world situations. This is something you should think about before making a purchase.


In today’s guide, we have shared some of the best red dots for Hellcat. With this list, you should be able to pick an optic that meets your budget and needs, as well as one that will improve your Hellcat’s already amazing performance.

It will make you feel like a professional if you are an enthusiast because you can strike the target quickly and correctly. If you use optics for work, you can count on accuracy.

We hope that our assessment of some of the Best Red Dot for Hellcat will be helpful to you while making a purchase.