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best long gun safe

Looking for the best long gun safe can be a challenging task since there are dozens of long gun safe in the market today.

Whether you are looking for the best long gun safe for the money this post will guide you on picking the best rifle long gun safe without wasting your valuable time on research.

Today, I am going to walk you through the best long gun rifle safes.

If you own a number of long rifles and need great storage solutions, you should invest in a long gun safe. These safes do a great job when it comes to storage.

They are heavier than their handgun counterparts, more secure, and ideal for home use.

Top 6+ Best Long Gun Safes

The best long gun safe will give you ample room to keep your long rifles, pistols, ammunition, and any other gun accessories.

Given the wide selection of long gun safes available on the market, it becomes overwhelming to choose the right unit.

To help, we have outlined the 7 best long gun safes suitable for every modern gun owner. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Moutec Large Rifle Safe

The Moutec Large Rifle Safe is your ideal unit if you are looking for a quick access long gun safe. The safe can store up to 5 rifles/shotguns with their accessories.

Made with 14 gauge steel, the safe is incredibly sturdy and secure. The solid structure ensures wall-to-wall protection that lasts. Besides, the safe is built with tamper-resistant edges for maximum anti-theft protection.

When it comes to the locking mechanisms, you can access the safe through an electronic keypad or key. The electronic keypad provides instant access, while the backup key comes in handy when the keypad fails.

Another notable feature about the safe is the wrong access alarm. It will alert you whenever someone puts the wrong PIN code. However, you can put it in silent mode if you don’t want to cause any disturbance.


  • Stores 5 rifles/shotguns with/without scopes
  • Solid 14-gauge steel housing
  • Reliable lock mechanism
  • Wrong access alarm
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
  • Optional silent mode
  • Separate lockbox

Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet

When it comes to durability and security, you can hardly go wrong with the Stack-On 8 Gun Security Cabinet. It holds 8 rifles/shotguns up to 52-inch tall.

The safe is approved by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safety device. It meets the requirements and regulations issued for gun safety.

When it comes to construction, both body and door are built with solid steel to ensure maximum anti-theft protection. The interior of the safe is also padded with foam to reduce scratches.

The cabinet has a 3-point locking mechanism for greater security. On top of that, it has a full-length welded and skated steel hinge for extra security.

To top it all, the safe features a flush mount bottom which makes it easier for you to fasten it on the floor. The fastening hardware is also provided.


  • Stores 8 rifles/shotguns up to 54-inch tall
  • Foam padded bottom reduces gun scratch
  • 3 point locking system
  • Removable top shelf
  • Flush mount bottom for easy fastening
  • Approved by CA Department of Justice




FCH Rifle Safe Long Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet

If you are looking for a quick access long gun safe, the FCH Rifle Safe Long Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet suits you. It is a good unit for gun owners looking for a unit that’s better than the basic gun safes.

The gun cabinet stores up to 5 long guns. You can arrange the guns in any order depending on your preference. It also has a small lockbox on the inside that you can use to store your pistols.

Built with high-strength alloy steel, the safe provides great firearm security and protection. The safe has a 0.86” solid steel locking bolt and pry-resistant concealed hinges for added security. You can also bolt it on the floor or wall for added security.

With a small footprint design, the cabinet occupies very minimal space. You can conceal it inside your wardrobe to keep it away from reach by kids.

Overall, the safe is reliable and secure. It is easy to program and comes assembled.


  • Solid steel housing
  • Houses up to 5 long guns
  • Small lockbox that holds 3-4 handguns
  • Upgraded memory function
  • Easy to program
  • 4 bolts for floor and wall mount
  • Small footprint

New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Safe

If you are on the market for a fireproof long gun safe, the New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty Long Gun Safe is your best choice. This safe holds 12-16 long guns and accessories.

Featuring solid 12-gauge steel construction, the safe is virtually unbreakable. It has a whole 10 solid steel bolts for added security.

When it comes to fire resistance, the unit has a 60 minutes’ fire protection rating of up to 1875°F. It also has a heat-activated expandable door seal which seals out smoke in the event of a fire.

If you prefer to have your gun safe bolted, bolting down this unit is a breeze. It comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for easy bolting. The bolting hardware is also included.

Another notable feature about the gun safe is the interior LED light. It automatically turns on once the door is opened and shuts off when the door is closed. Its main purpose is to give you easy access to your firearms at night.

The heavy-duty safe has 2 access points, the digital keypad or bitted bypass keys. The digital keypad gives you instant access, while the bypass keys come in handy when the digital keypad fails.

Overall, this is a heavy-duty gun safe that every modern firearm owner can rely on.


  • Heat-activated door seal
  • Reinforced bolt down holes
  • Interior automatic LED light
  • Internal re-locking device
  • Approved by CA Department of justice
  • 12 gauge steel housing
  • Door organizer

INTERGREAT Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access

best long gun safeIf you are on a budget, the INTEGREATE Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access is your best option. It’s perfect for keeping rifles, shotguns, and ammunition well protected.

Made with premium steel and tamper-proof inner edges, the rifle case offers rugged anti-theft security. It also has 5 steel deadbolts for bolting it on the wall or floor and add on security.

The rifle safe has been designed to fit 4 long guns. You can also remove the shelf box and create ample space and store larger guns or guns with scopes. The interior floor is padded to keep your rifles pristine.

There are two ways to gain access to the safe. A digital keypad or key. The digital keypad is easy to program and it offers quick access. The manual keys included allowing for manual locking and unlocking whenever the keypad fails to work.


  • Houses up to 4 long rifles
  • Premium steel construction
  • Two access points: digital keypad and manual keys
  • Small footprint
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting
  • Padded interior floor

INVIE Long Gun Safe

The INVIE Long Gun Safeis another quality long gun safe ideal for home and office use. This quick access gun safe fits 5 long guns or shotguns.

The interior of the safe has an adjustable shelf which offers storage flexibility. You can customize the space to fit your guns, accessories, and other valuables.

This unit can be accessed either through an electronic keypad or manual keys. For rapid access in an emergency situation, you should use the electronic keypad.

When it comes to construction, both the outer shell and door are made with 12-gauge steel. It keeps the thieves out and your firearms well protected.

The unit is also rustproof so your guns will stay in good shape. Not to mention the foam interior lining which prevents your guns from getting scratched.

Another great feature about the safe is rubber floor molding. It keeps the safe in place and prevents it from moving when you place a heavy object at the top. You can also bolt it down on the floor if you want a permanent fixture.


  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty 12-gauge steel housing
  • Easy to program digital keypad
  • Holds up to 5 long guns
  • Foam lining interior
  • Rubber floor molding
  • Adjustable shelf
  • 2 keys for manual access

Quicktec Large Rifle Safe

If you are looking for a biometric long gun safe, the Quicktec Large Rifle Safe is your best option. The safe provides quick access and can hold 5-6 rifles or shotguns with or without scopes.

The safe is made with 12-gauge steel for the ultimate long-lasting security. Besides, the unit has a seamless welded pry-resistant outer shell for added protection.

The black rocky finish prevents corrosion and gives a safe professional look that blends with any interior space.

This rifle safe offers 3 access points; biometric scanner, keypad, and keyhole. The biometric scanner stores a whole 125 unique fingerprints for multiple user’s access.

The recorded fingerprints will remain functional even when the batteries are removed.

The unit has a soft inner layer to prevent your firearms and valuables from scratches and damages.

To top it all, the simple and slim design makes the safe multipurpose. You can use it at home, hotel or office.


  • Durable steel housing
  • Interior shielding
  • Smart and secure
  • Advanced biometric technology that saves up to 125 fingerprints
  • Holds 5-6 rifles with/without scopes
  • Silent mode and tamper alert alarm
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Long Gun Safe

When looking for the best long gun safe, here are some of the key things you should be on the lookout for.


Long gun safes come in different sizes. Your ideal gun safe size will depend on the number of rifles that you own.

If you own a collection of rifles, look for a long gun safe with a large capacity. You should also get a large capacity safe if you intend to add more rifles in the future.

Build Quality

The quality of construction of any gun safe directly determines how long it will last as well as how secure it will be.

Many long gun safes are made with solid steel because it’s strong enough to withstand forceful entry. If you have a large collection of firearms, go for a safe with thicker steel housing.

Lock System

The other important factor to consider is the lock system. Try to look for a long gun safe with a reliable locking mechanism.

Gun safes with digital keypads or biometric locks offer a secure locking mechanism. They are also more convenient as they provide quick firearm access.

Safe Interior

The interior of the safe should come with carpet flooring or soft lining. This is to protect the finish of your firearms and keep them pristine.

Some units also have adjustable racks or shelves which provide storage flexibility.


How can I boost my long gun safe security?

You can make your long gun safe more secure by getting additional locking systems. This will deter any forceful break-in.

Also, look for a unit that offers more than 1 locking mechanism.

What should I look for in a long gun safe?

First, the safe should be durably made. A quality long gun safe should have its body and door made with thick steel. The safe should also have at least 1/4-inch of solid plate steel or an equivalent on the door. The safe should also be large enough to fit your rifles, ammunition, and other valuables.

How big should my long gun safe be?

It depends. If you have a large collection of firearms, look for a unit that houses multiple firearms. If you intend to add more rifles in the future, get a larger gun safe.

You should also consider how much space you have in the house. Most long gun safes have a small footprint to save on space.


I hope that the information given above helps you make the right buying decision. Remember that the number of rifles that you have will play a huge part in which model to go for.

All of the units listed above are quality-made and great for home and office security. I hope that you get to love them too.